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Schupp Company Kicks-Off Partnership with Emmitt Smith

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Schupp Co. is proud to announce the launch of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Sport Safety campaign featuring football great Emmitt Smith.

Sport Safety and protecting young athletes’ smiles are important issues that moms need to know about. That’s why the AAO charged both Schupp Co. and Weber Shandwick, their PR agency, to combine forces in developing an integrated campaign that extends the life of their annual National Facial Protection Month program in April and makes a big splash with moms.

This called for some real star power, and Emmitt Smith was the perfect fit.  As a recently elected 2010 Pro Football Hall of Famer and father of four, Emmitt Smith knows first-hand how important it is to wear a mouth guard while playing football. And with the help of the AAO, Emmitt is educating parents and encouraging kids to “play it safe” during all types of organized and recreational sports.

The Sport Safety initiative began in February amid the Super Bowl pre-game excitement.  Emmitt spread the word to kids and parents at Carol Middle School while in Miami for the Super Bowl and even gave out free mouth guards to the kids.  Press coverage included the Miami Herald, Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, Dallas Morning News, as well as 16 TV interviews and 10 radio interviews as part of the Sport Safety satellite media tour.

A microsite within was dedicated to Emmitt and the Sport Safety program to give safety tips and deliver more facial protection information. Banner advertising and social networking also got the word out and moms talking.

To commemorate the effort, Emmitt and his four kids were featured in an exclusive poster promoting the message “No Uniform is Complete Without A Mouth Guard.”  The poster is available as a free download at\sportsafety.


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ShoeP Expression

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

It’s difficult to say Schupp Company for many outsiders. To help the “pronunciationally-challenged,” our agency developed a brand to spell it out for them.



Say it with me now: “SHOE…P.” SHOOOP. Schupp Company.”


As part of our SHOE + P campaign, our employees were encouraged to express themselves with an image of a shoe that respresented them. You can find them in the corner of our business cards, outside of our doors, in power points, etc. These shoes are a representation of who we are and what we stand in… er, for.


But are our shoes really that telling? Do people really wear their shoePs? We decided to take a floor tour of the office, snapping shots of unexpecting employees’ feet to see if they really are who they say they are.

Some Schupp shoeP’s are so true to their personalities, they have them in every color. The Vans slip on: artsy, casual, fun-loving… sounds like Paul. He wore the black pair today (hmmm… a creative in black?).


Like Paul, account supervisor Eluka rocked a variation of her shoeP, but hers remained the same color. Red-hot high heels definitely tell you who is in charge.


The shoeP we caught account executive Lindsey sporting may not be the pump she chose for her official shoeP, but it does prove her to be a multi-faceted girl that keeps her story straight: she loves teal!


When we caught sight of executive creative director Jim’s shoes, we noticed they were nothing like the Todd Perry’s he features as his shoeP. But, they’re black so we’ll let him slide. Is that how creatives are? Keep your outside dark and your mind bright!


Is Anthony, group creative director, on his way to the Men’s Wearhouse? Or just another day on the job? We aren’t sure, but it would be a little more questionable to find him wearing his actual shoeP. While the baby shoe expresses his out-of-left-field creative thinking, the conservative lace-ups he’s sporting leave us more than a little confused.


Copywriter Maeve is a down-to-earth kind of girl. Her shoeP was right inline with her style. Who doesn’t love a girl rocking casual sneakers? And look, a creative without black!


The man who claimed a Nike Swoosh for his shoeP, senior art director Kevin, stuck to his roots when it came to office wear. Could it be his obsession with Kansas basketball or his trek from the Metrolink station?


Q, man of mystery, hails from our production department. He remains the most reliable and steadfast character in the bunch. On our office tour, he flashes his official ShoeP with pride.


schupp_golf_logoFinally, we get to el presidente, Mark Schupp. Unfortunately, we could not compare his office footwear to his shoeP; he was out the office. But, we are fairly certain he stayed committed to his official shoeP… since he was playing golf at the country club.

So, what does this say about our team here at the Schupp Company? Not much, other than the fact that we come from all walks of life (ha, get it?).

Walk on, dear reader, walk on.

Want your shoes to hang with ours? Submit your favorite footwear to us.


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The Schupper Bowl

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Some call it the “Big Game.”  The few who paid big can call it by name: “The Super Bowl.”

Meanwhile, ad folks know that at heart it’s simply an advertising extravaganza with a few passes in between. (After all, the game might get talked about for a few hours, but it’s the advertising that gets press and clicks for months after.)

You better believe that the dedicated leaders of Schupp Co. took part in ensuring the post-bowl focus remained where it should – on the ads.

Before all the confetti had even landed on the field Schupp Co. president Mark Schupp hit the airwaves dissecting and discussing the good, the bad and the great. Immediately thereafter came media discussions lead by Donna MacDonald, senior vice president and director of account service; Jim Mayfield, senior vice president and executive creative director; and Anthony Simmons, group creative director.

From Doritos®, to Snickers®, to Google, to E-Trade®, the Schupp group shared their thoughts on all the key players through nearly every key media outlet. Click the links below to watch and listen to these discussions. It’s what we like to call “The Schupper Bowl.“

Mark Schupp CBS affiliate (KMOV)

Jim Mayfield
NBC affilitate (6-7am) (KSDK)

Jim Mayfield NBC affilitate (noon) (KSDK)

Anthony Simmons KMOX radio

Donna MacDonald CBS affiliate (KMOV)

Anthony Simmons KTRS radio

Mark Schupp Fox affiliate (KTVI)

Mark Schupp KPLR

Mark Schupp KFNS Radio

Mark Schupp KTRS Radio


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Enterprise + Schupp Co.

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Over the past few months we’ve worked with Enterprise Rent-a-Car to develop and implement a National Hockey League (NHL) sponsorship activation strategy. We’re thrilled to announce that the final creative products associated with these efforts are now complete and in-market. Here are a few more specifics on the projects and an advance look of the creative for your viewing pleasure.

NHL “Center Ice” Television Spot
Enterprise Rent-a-Car first teamed with Schupp Co. in 2009 to develop a television commercial to maximize the impact of their NHL sponsorship in the United States and Canada. The spot has just completed production and is set to hit the airwaves in March 2010 on Versus, NHL Network and NBC NHL Game of the Week in the United States. In Canada, the spot can be seen on the CBC Network, Sportsnet Cable networks and RDS (French Canadian Broadcasting).

As you will see, the spot announces the new partnership between the NHL and Enterprise Rent-a-Car through a seamless integration of Enterprise Rent-a-Car brand equities into the adrenaline-soaked world of hockey. It also harnesses the passion of NHL fans and center ice excitement. This spot marks the dawn of an investment in and commitment to the NHL sponsorship to build the brand and support an American pastime.

Zamboni (:15)

NCAA “Road Trip” Print Creative
To activate their NCAA sponsorship package, Enterprise Rent-a-Car challenged Schupp Co. to concept and produce an NCAA Championship program advertisement. This newly completed ad will be inserted in all NCAA Championship programs for the 2010 season and work to support the league and encourage team pride.



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Profiling – Chris Douglas, Schupp Co’s Interactive Creative Director

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Who is at the helm of Schupp Co.’s interactive department? What’s going on in the realm of online opportunities?

Well, here’s your chance to get the scoop on all that and more as we sit down and chat with Schupp Co.’s interactive design director, Chris Douglas.

We know your background is in interactive media and you started your career as an art director, but can you tell us a bit more about yourself and how you made the transition to Schupp Co.’s interactive design director position?

The funny thing is that I never had a plan to enter the advertising field. In school, all I wanted to do was make films and music. My first job was actually as a camera operator for a production company in Seattle, Washington. We documented concerts and sporting events. I had the opportunity to shoot artists such as Metallica, Kiss, James Brown and many more as well as sporting events like the X Games. It was an amazing opportunity, and I learned quite a bit on the fly.

How do you see your role as interactive design director impacting existing Schupp Co. clients?

So far, it has in quite a few ways. We’ve managed to create some great opportunities that weren’t present with some of our existing clients which have really helped streamline and manage some of the existing work we have implemented for them. We’ve also brought work in house that a few of our clients were outsourcing before. In some instances, it’s allowed us to close the communication gap and maximize a more comprehensive approach to online marketing for our clients.

What should all clients know about you?

I guess the first thing would be that I’m passionate about what I do. I think that this comes across to clients in our conversations, my detailed approach to projects and my willingness to work hard and get it done. Additionally, I’d have to say that I’m a storyteller at heart. In addition to the online realm, it’s what I love to do. I bring a “story telling” approach to all projects. Who are the characters? What is the setting? What is the interaction? It makes for a complete story when a consumer later interacts with the site. It makes the process more fun too!

As you know, implementing successful Internet marketing was once just having a Web site. Over the past few years, a lot of evolution has taken place in that regard. What’s your impression or opinion of companies seeking to reinvent their online presence in 2010, particularly when it comes to incorporating enhanced interaction?

Enhanced interaction is an interesting way to put it. In the past year there have been a lot of big steps in technical capabilities that have furthered online opportunities. This is especially true in looking at mobile devices, augmented reality and huge improvements in video integration-there are many options out there for clients. I think all of those things are great ways to enhance your online presence, but the biggest challenge is incorporating the right or best ones for your brand. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a company implementing a technology in an environment that doesn’t help them reach their goals. It makes me want to call them up and say: “Let me help you get on track.”

Tell me about a few examples of interactive work that you’ve found particular inspiring lately.

Quiksilver had a really cool piece on their skateboard site a few months back where a few of their prominent pro skaters rode out into the header of the Web site and skated on the graphic elements that made up the site. As they rode, some of the pieces of the site actually broke apart and pieces fell into place as other obstacles that they then skated on. It was a really creative use of video and interactivity. Even better, it was perfectly fitting for their brand and audience. It was also Directed by one of the greatest skateboarding legends, Natas Kaupas.

Do you have any recommended resources (sites, books, etc.) for those seeking additional information and looking to really enhance their understanding of how their brand can best leverage the online world?

There are certainly plenty of online publications out there and everyone has an opinion. I like to look at a lot of design forum and community sites. I think any creative would agree those are usually the first places that people go. If you’re interested in picking up a book, I really like The Smashing Book from Smashing Magazine out right now. It’s a must for any Web designer or developer. You can pick it up here:

There’s really no “one size fits all” approach to online strategy, or any advertising strategy for that matter, however, do you find that there are common aspects that all companies should evaluate when seeking to fully leverage their brands’ online opportunities? If so, could you share a few?

I think the first thing most brands should look at is how are they driving traffic to their site. Are you currently using offline or online tactics to drive traffic? Are you using both? Should you be doing more? At the end of the day, optimization is a key component to any online initiative, and Schupp Company would be happy to assist you.


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Media Minute

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

For this Media Minute, we thought we’d pull a page out of Advertising 101 and put something on the cover to attract your attention. And with this e-newsletter having a bit of a sports theme, we knew there was no better attention-attracting sports cover than the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Here we share a few tidbits on what’s happening in the media world as it relates to, you guessed it, sports.

Sports vs. Sweethearts
We’re wondering if the NBA might be second guessing the timing of this year’s All-Star Game. In spite of a huge success at the gate (100,000-plus in attendance), TV ratings were down 10 percent, likely in large part due to the competition – the February 14th Sunday night telecast was up against the Olympics. Or, maybe it was the fact that all of those missing male viewers were out to dinner with their valentines.

Big Time Ratings for the Olympics
As an indicator of just how well the Winter Olympics performed in the ratings, the February, 17 Wednesday night, head-to-head with American Idol was never a contest. Over 60 percent more viewers tuned in to watch the USA take gold compared to watching Simon berate up-and-coming stars. This was the first time in six years that Idol didn’t win Wednesday night.

CBS Cans a 3 Pointer with March Madness
CBS’ March Madness on Demand, which provides free access to all 64 NCAA Tournament basketball games (and in our opinion, one of the best uses of the Web for sports), had another huge year. First launched in 2003, the network charged a subscription fee to watch the games. In 2006, CBS made the offering free and the audience has grown ever since.

Given the growing popularity of the Thursday/Friday early-round games and the proliferation of broadband in office environments, it’s no surprise that CBS reported that total ad sales were up 20 percent from last year at $37 million.

DVRs and Sports
DVR’s are now in nearly 30 percent of TV households, and projected to be in nearly 45 percent of households by 2015. This may actually be considered positive news for sellers of sports programming however, since live sports typically experience very low levels of recording/playback (as if there isn’t already enough demand for March Madness).

Magazine Woes Continue…Even for Sports Titles
In our last e-newsletter we stated how the magazine industry will need to rely more on ad revenue due to the continuing decline in newsstand sales. That’s a tough order, given the latest bad news for the industry. Total ad pages in consumer magazines tumbled nearly 26 percent in 2009 compared to 2008 according to the Publishers Information Bureau. Sports titles weren’t immune to the ad falloff either with ESPN Magazine (-11.7%), The Sporting News (-22.9%) and Sports Illustrated (-16.1%) all experiencing ad page/revenue declines.

Speaking of SI…
If you’re a fan of Super Bowl commercials, check out the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. (There we go again, trying to get your attention.) We think of this annual salute to “less is more” as the Super Bowl of the publishing industry. The breadth of advertisers who use the issue to showcase their brands, as well as the content-specific creative, is always interesting. For you guys wanting to take a look, just tell your wife or girlfriend that it’s part of your job!


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The State of the Internet

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Did you know that there were like 182 billion-kazillion people on the Internet yesterday? If big number scare you, then you don’t want to know how much influence the Internet has over the world population’s time. Definitely don’t watch this video.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

… Pulled from Fast Company.

It includes some pretty astounding numbers–For example, there are about 740 million Internet users in Asia alone; Facebook serves 6 million pageviews per minute, requiring 30,000 servers; and there are 148,000 new zombie computers created each day by hackers using botnets.


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