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Art in Advertising

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine (Mixing Art With Commerce, January 2010) talks about how a growing number of small businesses are turning to screen-printed posters, exploiting the medium’s potent marriage of advertising and art to reach a customer demographic impervious to conventional marketing approaches.

Now in our business, posters and displays are used all the time in the on- and off-premise to help merchandise an account. And no offense to any art directors, but these well designed, glossy, price promoters don’t exactly resonate as something of value. We used to joke that we were in the business of creating beautiful landfill. However, a piece designed with the intention of being art first, brand second and promoter third might be able to flip the equation and keep our brands out of the trash heap.

Limited-edition, hand crafted works could be the answer for small brands looking to compete with their macro-competition. It’s nothing new. Fashion designers and car companies have entered stylistic marriages to promote a vision for the future of driving (Jeff Banks Creates Custom Kia Soul for UK Giveaway).  Fine artists and spirits brands have come together to inspire new drinking occasions (Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Contest).

It just makes sense that a brand or business would embrace the equity of attainable art (most limited-edition concert posters and prints range from $20 – $50 a piece … which is why I have a huge collection of screen print and giclée art). More so, I like what it doesn’t have to say, communicating the company’s commitment to old-school virtues like authenticity and handcraftsmanship in a world where homogenization and mass production are the status quo.

If you’re unfamiliar with the screen print poster subculture, check out OMG Posters. This blog does an amazing job of keeping up with the latest releases from artists and print shops across the country, both music and non-music related. It’s also introduced me to a slew of new bands (brands), which I guess is one of the ideas behind having a poster created in the first place.


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Happy Holidays from Schupp Company

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

This year for the holidays we thought we would share what it’s like to be a creative here at Schupp Company. It’s your chance to share your big ideas with our fearless leader, Mark Schupp.

Grab a seat by the fire. You’re about to get burned.


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