We challenge both the way consumers see brands, and the way brands see themselves. We are passionate, smart, scrappy and clever. We challenge ourselves to see solutions no one else does, and engage consumers in ways no one else can.

Within our walls, you will find a well-decorated team of advertising and marketing professionals with a wealth of experience. The solutions we develop on behalf of our clients are cultivated through a deep understanding of their marketing objectives, brand DNA, target audience and available resources.

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Missouri Baptist
John Cook School of Business
University of Central Missouri


The competition for student enrollment among higher education institutions is fierce and increasing with each scholastic year. Colleges and Universities must contend with a dramatic increase in online course offerings, renewed focus on graduate and executive programs, and the rise of “for-profit universities”. Creating an exceptional brand is critical for universities to enter the consideration set for potential students. It is equally critical to reach these potential students with a message that both resonates with them and clearly communicates the institution’s mission, vision, values and objectives. More

American Optometric Association
TLC Laser Eye Centers
American Association of Orthodontists


Healthcare is truly a dynamic industry. Marketing is a core functional aspect of business. As technology advances, so too must the consumer’s perceived value. By understanding and applying these core principles, we are able to reach consumers in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.  More

American Association of Orthodontists


Schupp Company is adept at building the right message for prospective and new association members. We harness the power of in-depth, focused research to guide our strategy and choose the most compelling vehicles to deliver our message to your targets. More

Miller Lite
Miller Chill
Ketel One
Don Julio
Bud Light
Red Bull
Crown Royal


When it comes to alcoholic beverage marketing, Schupp Company’s experience is unmatched. More than twenty years ago, when Mark Schupp worked as a Bud Light brand manager at Anheuser-Busch, he relied on the strategic use of on-premise marketing to help take the brand from the #8 to the #1 selling beer in the country. Since there was no agency that truly focused on the on-premise channel, he created one. More

St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Blues
St. Louis Athletica
Louisville Slugger


Traditional sports marketers tend to focus exclusively on sponsorships. To us, that’s only the first step. These sponsorships are a powerful tool that can be used to strengthen and deepen consumer relationships. At Schupp Company, we look at it more as consumer engagement and not merely sponsorships. More

Duncan Hines
Aurora Foods
Russell Stover
Red Bull
Nestle Purina
Sara Lee


When you combine savvy, educated consumers and strong demand for cleaner, tastier, greener products – you can see packaged good marketers have their hands full. At Schupp Company, we have a long history of working on some very recognizable big brands. Today, these brands have to earn their loyalty, and cannot rely on reputations earned in the past. It can be an uphill battle, with big brands fighting negative consumer perception and artisanal goods making a stout comeback. We seek to produce breakthrough strategic creative and engage consumers through relevant channels to maximize the impact of our message. More


What we’ve been up to lately.

When it came time to shake up the vodka category, Smirnoff looked to Schupp Company to help launch Smirnoff Sours.

We took the challenge directly to consumers, encouraging them to see if they could “Survive The Sours”. We built the brand from the ground up, creating the perfect look and feel to compliment our innovative below-the-line materials.

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Missouri Baptist University recently tapped Schupp Company to create and launch a new brand identity. The work was supported with a fully-integrated campaign featuring a new website, tagline, logo, out-of-home, radio and brand style guide.

To date, the campaign has driven over five million visitors to the completely revamped website. Both graduate study and online study inquiries have increased over 50 percent versus last year.

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Miller Lite was looking for a breakthrough strategy to engage millennial consumers in the on-premise. Schupp Company’s solution was Beer It Forward.

The idea was simple; giving is better than receiving. First, we gave millennials free beer, then we asked them to give a free beer to someone else.

We ran 300 promotions in 30 days, and sampled over 20,000 consumers. When all was said and done, 69% of our consumers sampled switched to Miller Lite.

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When the owners of a start-up, south city coffee house came to us for branding help, we delivered an identity unique to their vision.

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We’ve been doing ground-breaking work for years. Over the last 20 years, we’ve done it all, from powerful consumer engagements and competitive taste-testing to billboards that garnered so much buzz they made the local news. Click here for a smattering of some of our favorites.

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